Here are some of my favorite pieces:

On Writing & Literature

Ga(tsb)y: my reading of the Fitzgerald classic is that Nick is gay and in love with Gatsby. By far the most popular piece I ever wrote when it ran on Salon.

A Study of Reading Habits in the Age of Aquarius, or, The Novel as Time Machine, which argues that novels are the antidote to the frenzy of Facebook thinking.

The 50 Greatest Literary Character Names of All Time.


On Music, Movies & TV

The “Song Beneath the Song” series, in which I explain the hidden meanings of popular songs.

The 50 Greatest Songs of Billy Joel.

007 vs Title VII: Goldfinger, the Civil Rights Act, and White Male Privilege. Fifty years of both Bond and antidiscrimination law.

Mad Men Eulogies: Sally Draper.

Miley Cyrus is not Hannah Montana, an argument for Destiny Hope Cyrus written right after “Wrecking Ball” came out.

Only One Cure for Pain: Morphine and Mark Sandman. Best live band I ever saw.

Here’s Looking at You, Bitch: Casablanca as Male Revenge Fantasy.


On Politics

Five Arguments for Universal Healthcare Democrats Should be Making.

Shock & Awe, on the horrible decision to invade Iraq.

Bush in Rehab, in which I muster an argument for the disgraced former president. A companion piece to Obama the Terrible.

Gender, Genius, Genesis, and James Woods, on gender bias in IQ, and more.

Social Conservatives: Impeding Progress Since 1776.

And Jill Came Tumbling After: Jill Stein and why there’s no third party in America.

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